Seasons Greetings

The council of the IPA would like to wish all Pétanque players a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Let’s hope it is not too long until we are able to meet again and enjoy some sport.

In the meantime, STAY SAFE!

Denis Nightingale Hon. Sec. IPA

2020 IPA Doubles

Congratulations to Keith Talbot and Sharrif Antaroo on winning the 2020 IPA Doubles held in Bushy Park on 8th August where they defeated Rene and Padraig di Fusco in the final.

Played in great conditions it was great to see our National events getting started this year.

Thanks as always to Owen and the PPC members for the preparation of the piste and work throughout the day.


Summer 2021

2019 saw Ireland re-enter the European Pétanque scene with a successful run in the European Men’s triples in Bulgaria – a long way away but an unforgettable experience for the 5 who travelled – the boules as well as swimming in the Black Sea!
The 2021 event is scheduled a little closer to home and easier [and thus cheaper] to get to.
It’s on 23-26th September in Albertville, France. Realistically you need to be on site the day before the events start.
In 2019 Ireland was not able to field a team in the Veterans [over 55] Men’s championships held at the same venue, but we are again entitled to send a team in 2021 to be held at the same venue between 19th and 21st September.
Teams can have 3 or four players in a Triple.
There is no upper age restriction in the Men’s event but obviously you need to be a veteran [55 plus] to play in the veteran’s event.
All players need to hold an Irish or British passport and be an IPA Member.
It has to be noted that in addition to players, each team MUST have a Manager/Chief d’equipe who can be the same person but a team member cannot fulfil these roles as well as being registered as a player. We thought a team of 4 could nominate one of the 4 to undertake these roles as and when they weren’t actually playing but it’s not allowed.
As all players/officials are responsible for their own costs in relation to the event the cost of this extra person has to be borne in mind.
HOWEVER – if we manage to get teams prepared to go to both events then one of the Men’s triple can be the Manager/Chief d’equipe of the Veterans team [but will have to be in France for both events] while one of the Veterans  triple can be the Manager/Chief d’equipe of the Men’s team [but again will have to be in France for both events]. If we only had interest from Veterans they could actually play in both events if the knees, backs, shoulders, livers etc could stick the pace of 6 days in a row of play, possibly indoors in a non-air-conditioned ‘shed’!
Last year’s team of 4 ‘self selected’ in that they were the only 4 to show an interest in going and were able to afford the time and € to travel. The self-financing Manager/Chief d’equipe from 2019 may not be available for 2021.
If we had a number of teams interested in playing in 2021 then we would need to have some sort of qualifying event.
The IPA Council are not asking for teams at this time, and the Coronavirus situation may impact upon arrangements for this time next year, but merely wanting you to be aware of possibilities coming up in the future. If you can put together a team that can go [or enter the qualifier], great, but if not we may be able to put interested ‘single’ players in touch with other interested singles to see if they can form a team.
Still a bit of time to sort out the details but March 2021 is probably a deadline we need to be working to.
SO, have a think about it!

Denis Nightingale Hon Sec Irish Pétanque Association

The Cork Blitz 2020 is ON!

IPA back on the Piste.

It has been decided to resume IPA events with the Irish Doubles being scheduled for Saturday 8th August in Bushy Park Dublin. It is also anticipated that the IPA Triples will be held on Saturday 5th September, also in Bushy Park.

We expect there still to be some social distancing requirements for the Doubles so it will be necessary to have a maximum of 12 teams i.e. 24 players for this event. Non-members can join on the day of the event for a reduced fee of 7€. Entry for the event is 8€ per player.

Closing date for entries for the Doubles is 1200 on Saturday 1st August or sooner if the maximum of twelve teams enter before this date.

Looking forward to seeing you on the piste once again.


Getting back to normal?

Well as things return slowly to something resembling normality clubs are once again seeing players on the piste! Good news for us all.

As you may be aware the 2020 Celtic Challenge due to be held in Glasgow in May has been postponed to 2021 with the same venue and same Irish Team. The IPA Singles was not played earlier in the year and the IPA Council are looking at which IPA events will be able to take place later in the year. We will be updating the calendar as soon as decisions are made.

In the meantime – hope your boules haven’t got too rusty and I look forward to seeing as many of you again as soon as possible.

Denis Nightingale Hon Sec Irish Pétanque Association

Irish Pétanque Association 2020 National Events

The following IPA events are closed to IPA members though it is possible for those interested in playing to join the IPA on the day of the competition. However entries MUST be with the Hon Sec on the date specified All the events listed below are held in Bushy Park Dublin

Date                Event                          Application closing date 1200 on

March 21st      IPA Singles                                   14th March

April 18th        IPA Triples                                     11thApril

May 23rd        All Ireland inter   Club Doubles       9th May

August 8th     IPA Doubles                                     1st August

September 5th   Celtic Challenge Qualifier             22nd August


In addition to the IPA events listed above some clubs host Open events where any players are welcome e.g.

June      27th    Downpatrick Summer Open Doubles

– Contact Sylver Breteche for details

August 29/30   Frankfield Cork – Boules Blitz

– contact the Frankfield Club for details

There may also be other events advertised on the IPA Facebook page so watch out for details!