Irish Pétanque Association National Doubles 2021

At a recent meeting of the IPA council it was decided that we should organise the above competition for Saturday 12th June 2021.

The event will be held in Bushy Park, Dublin with registration before 1000 and commencing play at 1015. As usual, it is expected that the competition will finish @1800.

At present, we may have to restrict the numbers to just 8 doubles, so early registration for the event is required. If restrictions are lifted we may call for additional entries as per the new restrictions

Registrations should be sent to the Hon Sec at – closing date in 2359 on Saturday 5th June.

The competition is restricted to IPA members, but membership can be paid on the day of competition, though it would be appreciated if you can pay sooner. Membership fee for members of an affiliated club is 20€ and 40€ for non-affiliated members while entry fee for the competition is 8€ per player.

Please note these fees have remained the same for several years.

Resumption of play

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in most parts of Ireland the IPA Council will be meeting to discuss the way forward for National and club competitions.

Let’s hope we can return to some degree of normality with at te same time keeping ourselves safe.

Details will follow.

European Triples Championships 2021

At the Minute CEP are hoping to be able to run the Mens and Veteran Mens European Championships in September scheduled for Albertville in France.

Time to start thinking, assuming COVID-19 restrictions allow, about the Irish Team for this event which Ireland attended in 2019. Teams of 3 or 4 PLUS a Coach are needed for each event which run consecutively though the over 55 on the Veterans team can also play in the Mens event.

As in the past players and coach are responsible for their own travel and hotel arrangements.

Further details will be published as they are confirmed By CEP.

In the meantime enjoy whatever play your local restrictions allow.

Resumption of Play

It looks like the covid restrictions are easing and clubs should be able to resume play, albeit with limited numbers, so it’s time to dust off the boules and pay this year’s Club and IPA membership in anticipation of getting back on the piste! Check with your club for details.

Denis Nightingale

News from the AGM

News from the AGM

The 2021 AGM of the IPA was held in February via zoom. The major points to note as a result are

         IPA COUNCIL – the following members were elected

President:  Jim Ryan
Hon.Sec:       Denis Nightingale
Hon.Treas.  Owen Kelleher
Council Members:  Gregory Novaresio 
Barra o hEireamhoin 
 Cathal O’Boyle
 Terry Greene                      
 Norman Flanagan
 George Davidson
 Jim Bradfield
 John Kelly

INSURANCE. Due to Brexit our current insurers cannot now offer cover for the whole of Ireland. The Hon Treasurer and Hon Sec have been working to negotiate suitable insurance cover for clubs and members. Unfortunately this means that our insurance bill for this year will rise substantially as we have to take put two policies. In order to maintain continuity for clubs and members it was agreed that the IPA would pay for the two policies to cover ALL clubs and players in Ireland and spend the next 12 months seeking an alternative policy or policies that might be cheaper. 

It is thus even more important that clubs and individuals pay their annual club and IPA membership fees before the end of April.


The fees for this year will remain the same as for 2020 and are listed below. It was recognised that fees will probably have to rise for 2022 due to increased costs and a drop of income from IPA competitions.

Full membership (Single)       40   “ “            “ ”        (Family)        80  Junior     “ ”                             12   Affiliated Clubs with a membership of: 
Full, but also a member of an Affiliated Club                         20 “ “                  ( Family )           40   Junior (Under 18)                   12 1-10                    50€11-20                  140€21-40                  200€41-60                  300€61+                     500€
Entrance to IPA National Competitions  8€ (per person)


CELTIC CHALLENGE – The 2020 Celtic Challenge due to take place in May last year was postponed until May 2021 but given the ongoing situation it is now likely that this event will now take place in Glasgow in May 2022.


These two events for the Men’s Triples and for the Men’s Veterans [over 55s] Triples are scheduled for September 2021 in Albertville France. It is of course possible that covid restrictions might cause issues with this so we will have to wait and see.

Ireland competed in the 2019 Triples event and we would be hopeful of sending teams to both events this year, assuming they take place. I think it is likely that a decision will have to be taken before July on the feasibly of the events taking place.

In the meantime have a think about entering a Triple [up to four players] and if there is sufficient interest we will hold some form of qualifying event later in the year. If the event does go ahead and you are interested in playing but don’t have a regular triple it is possible for individuals to register their interest and we can possibly put together triples for both events from the interested individuals. It must be pointed out that players are responsible for the costs associated with playing in these events and in addition there needs to be a non-playing coach for each triple whose costs also have to be met.

Seasons Greetings

The council of the IPA would like to wish all Pétanque players a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Let’s hope it is not too long until we are able to meet again and enjoy some sport.

In the meantime, STAY SAFE!

Denis Nightingale Hon. Sec. IPA

2020 IPA Doubles

Congratulations to Keith Talbot and Sharrif Antaroo on winning the 2020 IPA Doubles held in Bushy Park on 8th August where they defeated Rene and Padraig di Fusco in the final.

Played in great conditions it was great to see our National events getting started this year.

Thanks as always to Owen and the PPC members for the preparation of the piste and work throughout the day.