IPA Licences

Members who wish to have an IPA licence for 2016 should forward a head and shoulders photo to the Hon Sec who will produce licences as requested.

Inter Club Doubles 2016

The recent competition was held in Bushy Pary Dublin on 21st May with teams from North Down, Park and Frankfield Petanque clubs taking part.

This was the first major competition held on the refurbished piste and the victorious club was North Down.

Congratulations to their team of Franck and Sylver Breteche and George Davidson and Paul Trainor.

Celtic Challenge 2016

Scotland once again proved too strong for the Wales and Ireland teams in the annual Celtic Challenge. With 30 wins to Scotland they were 2 wins ahead of Wales A ahile Ireland finished a disappointing 4th with 16 wins [the official result only shows 15 wins for Ireland but the Breteche/Beck triple won 6 and not 5 games as reported].

Despite the result the Irish team enjoyed a weeked of sport and camraderie – even if the hotel left a lot to be desired – [like wardrobes, hot water and a cooked breakfast on the final morning!]

the CC 2016 is over – time to plan for Scotland in 2017.