IPA competitions 2017

The draft calendar of IPA events was agreed at the AGM and is available below.

Please note that there is a proposal [subject to agreement by the clubs] that the inter-club tournament for 2017 become a triples rather than a doubles event.

All entrants to IPA competitions must be members of the IPA but can join on the day of a competition.

Please note that there will be NO extension of entry dates for competitions under any circumstance.



Rules of Pétanque 2017

FIPJP has updated the official rules of Pétanque with effect from January 2017. It is important that all players are aware of the [changes to the] rules. All players are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the new rules to avoid disputes on the piste. Your attention is drawn [among others] to Article 7 – players feet when throwing; Article 17 Players behaviour and Article 21 – time to play; which have caused some debate in the past. As one who knows – bad habits can be hard to break – so please try and keep to the rules but above all  ENJOY! See here for the current rules of the game. official-rules-for-the-sport-of-petanque-2017

IPA AGM 2017

The draft minutes of the AGM will be available soon but just to let you know the Council members elected on 11th February were;


President: Jim Ryan
Hon.Sec: D Nightingale
Hon.Treas. Owen Kelleher


George Davidson
Cahal O’Boyle
  Norman Flanagan
  Letitia Hyver
  Barra O hEireamhóin
  Martin Kerr