Irish teams for 2018 Celtic Challenge

After a competitive days play in Bushy Park Dublin, facilitated by Park Pétanque Club and organised by Jim Ryan, the following top 8 teams emerged as the Ireland squad for the Celtic Challenge in 2018, [scores are subject to scrutiny].
October 2017 Bushy Park
Position             Team                                    Wins  Points Difference
1                Tavares-Novaresio-Beritault     6              +45
2                Di Pizzo-Robert-Misty                   6              +43
3                Toner-Greene-O’hEireamhain  5              +25
4                Di Fusco-Rene-Jim-Padraig         4               +12
5                O’Neill-Hickey-Zydorek                4              +10
6                Davidson-Hennessy-Ryan           4                +4
7                Ruff-Broderick-Ruff                      2                 -7
8                O’Boyle-Subtil-Kavanagh            1               –22
Should any of the top 8 teams be unavailable for some reason the following teams will be ‘promoted’ from the Reserve list in the order indicated.
1            Flanaghan-Dolan-Javid
2            Carroll-O’Donohue-Cassidy 
3            Grummit-Ferguson-Talbot 
4            Kerr-Treliving-Cannet 
The second qualifying round will be held in Bushy Park on Saturday 10th March2018 with a round robin format being used. Scores from the first qualifying round will be carried forward to the second round.

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